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Pharmaceuticals Application

Pharmaceutical industry is closely linked and inseparable with human daily life, So it is developing very rapidly, it has become one of the fastest growing industry. And technology and subjects of constant innovation and development is an important driving force of the development of pharmaceutical industry. In Chemical field there are various products can be used in pharmaceutical.

Manganese Oxalate can be used as roborant  in pharmaceutical and also used for curing  anemia. It can be also used in manufacturing compound hypophosphorous acid syrup, nourish syrup with cod-liver oil and other emulsion, food additives and as raw materials for making lackluster polycondensation fiber.

Iodides can be used in curing Hyperthyroidism to reduce thyroxine releasing from thyroid.

Sodium Iodide can be applied to urinary system radiography, such as cystography, retrograde pyelography, T-tube retrograde cholangiography and fistula radiography etc.

It has the advantages of clear development, non-toxic, adverse reaction, easy absorption and excretion, stable physical and chemical properties, long storage but not metamorphism etc. Manganese Iodide can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate.

Containing fluorine medicine with its unique physiological activity and high selectivity, increasingly concerned by the areas of life engineering science and some else.Stannous fluoride which is widely used as pharmaceutical intermediates used in oral medicine, stannous fluoride as remineralization is used as indirect pulp cappingas in dental medical . Another study shows that add a certain proportion of stannous fluoride in the toothpaste can protect teeth from calcium being dissolved out.

Manganese chloride Tetrahydrate is used in medicine industry. Manganese chloride anhydrous high purity is suitable for the medicine synthesis, pharmacy etc.

Many bromine compounds has some medicinal value itself, the dissolvant of magnesium bromide is involved in making dihydro-pyrimidin which is widely used in pharmacy.dihydro-pyrimidin can Stop calcium through the channel and also can  act as inhibitor of  HIVgp-120-CD4.

High purity Gallium Nitrate can be used in manufacture of medicine, it is mainly to treat cancer, cancerous hypercalcemia and related disease. It is also a absorption inhibitor, and take suppress affect to osteoclast. Bismuth Nitrate Hexahydrate can be used in manufacture of stomach medicine. Zinc Nitrate mainly used in medicine acidification catalyst agent.

Cesium Chloride is mainly used in treatment of epilepsy, and used for narcotic and analgesic etc. Cesium Iodide activated by sodium and thallium can used in manufacture image magnification plate of Medical X-ray or fluorescent screen. Cesium Chromate mainly used in DNA separation.

Rubidium Chloride and some other RbCl can be regarded as medium in over speed centrifugal separation process of DNA and RNA .Usually, rubidium iodide can replace the potassium iodide to deal with Thyroid Enlargement. Otherwise, part of the RbCl can pose as tranquilizer, resistance to shock preparation and treat with the Epilepsy.

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